Well helloooo there! I’m Julie!



And I’m the owner of this boudoir photography studio located in Alexandria, VA which is just 15 minutes outside of DC. Some say boodwar, others say boudwah and it doesn’t matter, call it what you want. I have an awesome job though, I get to photograph women who need to remember how to feel confident and sexy in their own skin again as they are this very moment.

But let me tell you about myself and why this genre of photography is my jam.

I started photographing boudoir in 2010 and immediately saw the profound effects it had on a woman’s self-worth.

But it wasn’t until 3 years into my marriage that I realized my life and my ambition was running on auto-pilot and I had a Tijuana stand off with my identity. I questioned everything and felt so insecure in every aspect. On the verge of losing my marriage and closing up my business I decided to do some soul searching. I traveled a little, had a lot of alone time, I journaled, I ugly cried, and at times it got really uncomfortable. And let me tell ya, the healing process can get real ugly, y’all! But, in those moments of vulnerability my guarded walls started to crumble and I saw the parallels with this personal experience to my clients own reasons for celebrating themselves with boudoir photography.

And that alone is extremely powerful and connects me to clients like you even more.

Oh, and I have an amazingly kind and patient husband..like, ever ever.

As a woman on my own journey of self-love and acceptance, I want to show other women how they can love themselves through the intimate art I create, but also show you how others see you. Boudoir in itself is an occasion and a great way to celebrate YOU. It is an absolute honor to take part in your journey of self-discovery.


My Philosophy

To me, boudoir photography is unapologetic, uninhibited and an empowering occasion sprinkled with a little bit of magic. I believe boudoir is for anyone and everyone at any age. As brides, mothers, and career women, we often are caught up with taking care of everyone else but ourselves. This experience gives you the permission to intentionally schedule that long overdue “me-time.” Not when you lose 15lbs, not because you have stretch marks, or not because you aren’t sexy. More importantly, it’s a celebration of who you are in this very moment.





Boudoir by Julie Socher – promo from julie socher on Vimeo.