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About Julie

I’ve never been known to get in front of the camera, and like most women, I’m not a super model, but after my own boudoir session, all I could think was why hadn’t I  done this earlier? Not only was it an amazing experience (I mean what girl doesn’t love to dress up and put on a sexy pair of heels?!), but it also put me in the position to know how beautiful and empowered  my clients feel in front of the camera. As I left my own shoot, I knew that I had made the right decision in focusing on boudoir photography.

My goal is to not only produce beautiful images for you, but to create an overall experience that leaves you feeling fabulous, sexy and beautiful, just like I left mine.

So who am I when I’m not behind the camera? I’d like to think I’m a pretty simple girl who probably thinks too much. I live with two rescued hound mixes, two rescued kitties and a pretty awesome husband who all keep me on my toes. I’m a sucker for live music and a hoarder of magazines. I studied graphic design and find myself to be particular about paper and layout. I’m a fan of sleeping in not only on the weekends but on any day of the week. The list goes on and on.

I enjoy shooting on-location and use natural light as much as possible. I’m located in Northern Virginia and photograph boudoir sessions in DC, Maryland and Virginia. I also shoot portraits and pets. You can find my site at juliesocherphotography.com

If you’re interested in a session, have questions or just want to chat, fill out the contact form or email me at hello@juliesocherphotography.com, I’d love to meet you!




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