Sexy isn’t a word she ever used to describe herselfwashington dc boudoir photographer

Sexy isn't a word she ever used to describe herself
I've seen a lot of celebrations in the studio this year. Marriages, anniversaries, birthdays (the big 4-0 was a popular one this year), just because, and weight loss/fitness goals, to name a few. No matter the occasion, YOU are celebrating YOU. Those occasions are just the reason we tell ourselves why we need to do this. And that's ok, I know it's for you. And you mig[...]

What am I Doing During Your Boudoir Session?Northern Virginia Boudoir Photographer

What am I Doing During Your Boudoir Session?
Composing kick-ass, boudoir photos of you, duh! No, just kidding, well not really, but I'll go into detail, keep reading! So you're at your boudoir session in the Alexandria, VA boudoir studio, we've already gone through your outfits and you're sitting in the hair and makeup chair sippin’ on some bubbly and you probably see me in the background doing ... stuff. [...]

Client Experience with Ms. Mwashington dc boudoir photographer

Client Experience with Ms. M
While your Washington DC boudoir session is a gift to yourself, there's no doubt it makes for the perfect anniversary gift as well. Ms. M came in for a consult before booking to tour the studio and also chat about how she wanted to be photographed. We went over everything, from the planning all the way to picking up her album. Not to mention we had an amazing boudoir [...]