I Don’t Know How to Pose SexyVirginia Boudoir Photographer

I Don’t Know How to Pose Sexy
During in-person consults at the Washington DC boudoir studio, when we come to the part where I talk about posing, I know you’re probably imagining that photoshoot scene from Austin Powers where he’s photographing the models and telling them, (saying this in my horribly inaccurate, yet enthusiastic British accent), “You’re a tiiiiger, yeah! You have sharp teeth cap[...]

What does Self-Love Mean to You?washington dc boudoir photographer

What does Self-Love Mean to You?
I’ve been feeling a little self-reflective lately. We hear that phrase “self-love” thrown out there a lot and it makes wonder, what does it mean to you? When I was in Mexico with my girlfriends for a little girl time, we had a little convo on the bus back to our resort about love and what it meant to each of us. I think it’s fair to say that the general meaning of[...]

Uninhibited | Washington DC Boudoir Studio

Um, it’s July you guys! How in the hell does time fly by so fast? It feels like I just moved into the new loft boudoir studio in Alexandria, Virginia and as I look back to January and realize there were so many changes and things were moving quickly that now we’re in July and I lost sight of my year’s word. You see, instead of a new year’s resolution I just pick a[...]