It’s How I See HerWashington DC Boudoir Photographer

It's How I See Her
You know those souvenir key chains you get at the beach when the Scopes Photographers come to you and bug you to take your photos on the beach with your friends? Yeah, cheesy right? My husband has one of me hanging in his car of me when we were in Virginia Beach when we first started dating and I always ask him to take it down. I hate my squinty eyes from the brigh[...]

She couldn’t believe it was herWashington DC Boudoir Photographer

She couldn't believe it was her
There’s no doubt the amount of self-doubt and self-consciousness that comes when you think about pulling the trigger on your own Washington DC boudoir session. ALL of my clients have experienced this and I even have about my own session. The biggest self-doubt I hear is, “I just don’t photograph well/I’m not photogenic so I probably will only like a few photos.”  B[...]

Are my photos going to be in the internet?FAQ - the more you know

Are my photos going to be in the internet?
So you’ve had your Alexandria, Virginia boudoir session, we’ve wrapped up your image reveal, and then the model release comes out. DON’T PANIC. I only share/post your photos with your SIGNED permission. Like, I need a permission slip from you. With your John Hancock, in ink, on paper. A boudoir session is intimate, it’s personal, and by no means do I want to jeo[...]