How do I book a session?
Email me at hello@juliesocherphotography.com and schedule and complimentary consult that will allow you to see the studio and the products offered. If you’re all set I will email you an invoice to book your boudoir session.

Do you offer payment plans?
Upon request

I don’t know how to pose sexy, do you help with posing?
Of course! I don’t expect you to know how to pose sexy or practice. Leave all the thinking up to me, I will guide you into every pose and expression down to the eyelash, so don’t worry.

Can I bring a friend to my session?
Absolutely! Just let me now ahead of time that you are bringing a friend. Females only please.

Can my husband/boyfriend come to my session?
Boyfriends and husbands that are present during your shoot actually change the overall mood of your session and may actually make you more nervous. We want you to be comfortable and relaxed so that it reflects in your photos. So this is a boyfriend/husband free zone! They are welcome to wait in the lobby during your session.

When should I schedule?
I would book your boudoir session far in advance to make sure you get your prints and albums in time. Because of the custom nature of albums, they take the longest turn around time.

Where do you shoot?
I conduct my sessions at the studio in Manassas, Virginia or on location in my favorite boutique locations through out the DC and Northern Virginia area during Boudoir Events.

I’m ready to book, what do I do?
Once you are ready to book, I will be forwarding you a boudoir contract to look over and sign as well as an invoice to pay your session fee online. Once those two items are received I will be forwarding you details on the location as well as my “How to Prepare” guide.

What should I wear/bring?
Bring a variety of lingerie or favorite outfits that makes you feel the best. Other items include his shirt, tank tops, boy shorts, heels…the options are endless. I encourage you to bring your own accessories too, but I have some on hand that can be used. Bring a variety of outfits. Most importantly, bring what makes you feel comfortable and sexy! It’s up to you on how much you want to show.

What about my hair and makeup?
Professional hair and makeup is provided for every session. Pro MUA’s know how to apply camera ready makeup and will advise on what will look best. I work with a variety of highly talented Hair and Makeup Professionals that will be onsite for your session! False eyelashes are also applied to complete your look. I know, I know, they seem a little much, but they look fantastic on camera. Your eyes will pop!

Can I reschedule?
Yes! Your retainer is transferable to another date only 1 time. If you are unable to make the new date or forget about your appointment and want to reschedule again you must pay another retainer to hold your new date and time.

Do you edit the photos?
Yes. All photos you view are fully edited.

When do I see my photos?
After your boudoir session we will schedule a date and time 2-3 weeks after for you to come back to the studio to view your photographs in person. This is when you will also place your order.

How long does it take to receive my prints/album?
Prints can come as soon as a week, but albums and other products can take up to 3 weeks. So be sure to schedule ahead if you’re gifting your photos/album.

Whose going to see my images?
Just you or whoever you show them to. I don’t post anything on my website or social media without your signed permission. Your privacy is super important to me!

What is your refund policy?
Because of the custom nature of my boudoir sessions are products and albums, are sales are final. However you are involved in every step during the design and have the final say before anything goes to print.