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An Evening Boudoir Session in Alexandria, Virginia

I love natural light, especially for boudoir. Soft window light is just beautiful for boudoir photography, but I tried something different this past weekend during March’s Boudoir Event in Alexandria. I brought a light with me and had my friend Ms. D come by and we did a session at night obviously when there isn’t any window light and I was really pleased with the results. I started shooting boudoir with studio lights, but I ended up ditching them for the window light and now I’ve come full circle. I think I love them both. These sessions will have a look that’s different from the daytime sessions, but I’d love to start offering these types of sessions.

Here’s a little peek into Ms. D’s session. We had a lot of fun playing with different poses, angles and outfits! Be on the look out for more images!

night boudoir in northern virginia



Introducing a new product!

So I know there are laptops out there now, ::cough cough macbook air:: that don’t have disc drives anymore so in the attempt to keep up with technology and the rest of the world, now when you order the digital files from your session, instead of a CD you will be getting a custom portable USB drive!

I picked out a flash drive with my logo engraved on it and thought this design goes well with my branding. I’ve even been told they look like little perfume bottles!



I also finally got my business cards updated and am in love with them. Don’t laugh at my attempt to stylize the drives and business cards with makeup and jewelry! I thought it was geeeeenius!!



Mrs. C a Bridal Boudoir Session

It’s an absolute honor when a client allows me to share her images. Mrs. C came in during one of my boudoir events to get an album made for her soon to be husband (now husband!). Boudoir albums make the perfect gift for your fiance on the wedding day! Her pink outfit was a favorite and made for a fun set aside from her romantic bridal lingerie outfit. I love the variety in her outfit choices. Romantic Bridal, Sultry black, and the fun hot pink! It definitely made for a nice variety in her album.


bridal boudoir

bridal boudoirbridal boudoirbridal boudoirpink boudoirpink boudoirboudoir_photosexy boudoirsexy boudoirsexy boudoir

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