“My biggest fear was not knowing what to do and feeling self conscious i my underwear in front of someone else. But your direction was amazing and by about 15 minutes into the photo session, I felt very comfortable….well except for those heels 🙂 I really liked having my hair and make-up done, but also just the way you made me feel comfortable. And of course the finished products are AMAZING!! And every time I look at them, I still can’t believe that it’s me.”


“I chose Julie because I really like her style and vision. Most of the work I’ve seen has been more on the darker side rather than light and airy and the dark just spoke to me. I looked at a few other photographers, but I always kept coming back to Julie. When I set up my pre-consultation, I was nervous and thought about canceling. I didn’t cancel and after I met her, I felt more comfortable with my choice to choose her to do my shoot. I can’t pick just one thing I enjoyed the most. I went in with no ideas on how I wanted my hair or makeup and left it up to the hair and makeup artist. She did an amazing job! I had several comments about it. I went in with one request for a specific photo and Julie nailed it. I had an awesome experience with Julie and would do it again in a heartbeat! Now that I know what to expect, I think it would be a little easier and less nerve wracking than it was for my first session. I’d definitely recommend Julie to anyone looking to have a boudoir shoot done.”


“To do something like this …. took big lady balls. I also had to kick the nasty tiny devil girl off my shoulder saying to me, “Who do you think you are to do something like this? Hell, who do you think you are to post something like this?!” I ignored this little devil girl and booked my appointment (and posted about it). And, luckily for me, I was in the presence of a complete professional who made me feel totally at ease, and really brought out the light, fun, whimsical, creative side of me. I walked in feeling totally self-conscious, and walked away feeling totally empowered. I’ll tell you what boudoir is and what it isn’t; well, with Julie, anyway. Boudoir is about reconnecting with yourself. Celebrating who you are… radically accepting and embracing yourself, and seeing yourself through a different lens. Boudoir is *not* about sex, degrading ourselves, and shoving our derrieres in the camera (among other things). It’s about reconnecting with our sensual side, which most of us have long forgotten… our femininity and strength. And also our vulnerability. In these pictures, I’m not the physically exhausted, sleep-deprived, mentally tapped woman I see in the mirror every morning. In these pictures, I see a different side of me. A side, I think is important to reconnect with more often.”


“Julie was recommended to me by a friend. I really appreciated that she made the time to meet for a consultation with no commitment. Once we met, she immediately put me at ease –– she’s warm and engaging and made me feel like we were embarking on a fun adventure together. Which we did! I really enjoyed feeling free to celebrate me! Women receive so many mixed messages about beauty and empowerment –– it was an opportunity to focus on who I am rather than what I lack. My husband is constantly reminding me to see the glass half full rather than half empty and this was a moment where I felt like I could own that advice.”


“I think my biggest fear was not being sexy enough. I’m not a sexy women (at least I didn’t think so!) I buy my Hanes undies in a four pack on the wall at target. I didn’t even own lingerie. I had no idea how to pose or move. But Julie was awesome. She put on some great music and walked me through every pose. Before I knew it, I felt SO sexy! And that confidence shows all over my pictures. It was so amazing to see such a different side of myself! My favorite part was celebrating my body. I lost 34 pounds for my wedding. I was so used to baggy shirts and covering up. It was so incredible to show off all my hard work and actually feel beautiful and sexy! I would absolutely encourage you to do this! Not only for your man, but for yourself! Every women deserves to feel the way I did that day: Empowered. Sexy. Confident.”


“If you want to feel amazing – YOU NEED TO DO THIS. I had so much fun. I only felt nervous for the first few shots, after that I felt completely comfortable (and I’ve never done anything like this before). Julie structures the shoot so you don’t have to think about ANYTHING. I showed up with a suitcase full of shoes and lingerie then she did the rest. My hair and makeup ROCKED, my outfits were AWESOME and I didn’t have to stress about how to pose or what to do because I just did what Julie told me (or showed me). I just got to show up, be fierce, and have fun.”


“I can’t say enough good things about Julie and my boudoir session. Julie is able to make something that can be uncomfortable very relaxing and fun. I was able to put down my guard and really enjoy the experience. Everyone needs a day of pampering with professional hair, makeup and lots of positive feedback from Julie. I left the session feeling very positive and empowered. I was super excited to see my photos and they didn’t disappoint. I still can’t believe that it is actually me in the photos. I went into the experience wanting to look like a gorgeous model in a lingerie catalog and that is exactly what I got.”


“From the moment I walked in the door; I felt welcomed and invited and immediately put at ease. You took the time to listen to me and what I was looking for in my pictures. Between my choice in outfits, to my hair and make up (which was incredible); the entire experience is one I will never forget. So much more than what I was expecting. Your make up artist was amazing. You both were so friendly, patience and fun! So no there is nothing else you could have done to make my experience even more amazing than it was!! Thank you for helping me bring out my inner sultry woman!!”


“You did an absolutely amazing job in helping me feel comfortable with the poses! Your explanations and willingness to show me the poses and moves are very encouraging. I did not feel any pressure at all. It was so laid back and calm… I will definitely do this again! I honestly cannot pinpoint my favorite part… the entire experience was so wonderful and beautiful! I felt amazing!! The poses were spot on for what I wanted and for what I knew my husband would want to see! I loved how you would just get in the position and show me… it relieved some of the pressure off of me. I also enjoyed having three different outfits. I actually already recommended you to my best friend and showed her my sneak peek pictures… I told her the entire experience was so fun, relaxing, kind of crazy (in a fun way), sexy and that I felt so beautiful!”


“YOU are amazing!! I had the absolute best time…So empowering! You made me feel so completely comfortable and accepted…Jiggly booty, wet hair and all! Your studio has everything…You didn’t miss a beat! I’d love to do it again..Before I really get too wrinkly…And wear some other outfits. So many to choose from;) I really can’t even believe that’s me. I’m so excited to see the rest if them. What an unforgettable experience….And so very right on spot for choosing YOU to take the Fotos!”


“Oh goodness there were so many fears! My biggest fear was probably the fear of not knowing what to do and ultimately getting no photos that I liked out of the experience. I have never viewed myself as “sexy” so the thought of doing this and ultimately seeing me like that was…well…not possible. BOY WAS I WRONG! I felt completely at ease (well as much as one can half naked having photos taken) and didn’t even think about my thighs, belly area, etc. that I had been so worried about. I let go and just had fun! When I went back to view my photos I was literally blown away! For the first time ever, I saw myself completely in a different way. Truly an amazing experience. So much more than just a fantastic gift for my husband.”


“I had such a wonderful experience working with Julie! She really made me feel comfortable in what could be an uncomfortable situation. The studio is decorated beautifully and she played great music to set the mood. The shoot was fun and I felt great after – it really is empowering. I would definitely recommend!”